HS Soccer v. Greenback
HS Volleyball @ Grundy JV 5:30
HS Volleyball v. South Pitt JV 4:30
HS Football v. Seq. JV
ACT for juniors
Student early release day (11:30)
Report Card Day
Teacher Inservice Day
HS Soccer @ Polk Co.
HS Soccer v. Loudon
Early release day (11:30)
Parent Teacher Conference
Thanksgiving Break
HS Football @ Monterey
Progress reports
HS Soccer Scrim. v. White Co.
Student Early Release Day (
HS Soccer vs Sweetwater
HS Football v. York
Soccer @ White Co.
HS Football @ Meigs
Report cards go home
Fresh. class pictures
Report cards go home
HS Volleyball @ Sale Creek JV 5:00
HS Golf @ Fall Creek Falls
HS Football @ Tellico Plains
Midterm Exams (1st, 2nd, 3rd blocks)
HS Volleyball @ Van Buren JV 5:00
HS Football v. Tyner
HS Football v. Grundy JV
HS Football v. Grundy (Homecoming)
End of 3rd 9 weeks
HS Volleyball @ Whitwell JV 5:00
Sr picture makeups
End of 2nd 9 weeks
HS Football @ Moore Co.
Report cards go home
HS Volleyball District Tournament
HS Volleyball @ Marion Co. JV 5:00
HS Soccer vs Sweetwater—POSTPONED
Parent Teacher Conference
No School
HS Soccer @ Sale Creek
HS Volleyball v. Sequatchie JV 5:00
Senior ACT retake
HS Volleyball v. Sale Creek JV 4:00
HS Soccer v. Sequoyah (Senior Night)
HS Football @ Marion JV
Soph. class pictures
HS Football v. Polk Co. (Senior Night)
HS Volleyball @ Clinton Tournament
HS Football v. Sequatchie
Fall Break
Teacher Inservice Day
HS Football v. Sale Creek JV
HS Football Jamboree @ Seq.
HS Cross Country @ Grundy
HS Cross Country @ Soddy
HS Volleyball v. Marion
Teacher Inservice Day
Jr class pictures
HS Soccer v. York
HS Volleyball @ Alcoa JV Tour.
No school
Spring Break
HS Volleyball v. Van Buren JV 5
Christmas Break
HS Soccer v. Cannon Co.
First day of school
HS Volleyball @ South Pitt JV 5:30
HS Football @ Marion Co.
Teacher Admin. Day
Volleyball vs. Grundy
HS Volleyball @ Sequatchie JV 5:00
Labor Day-no school
Midterm Exams (4th, 5th blocks)
HS Cross Country @ Woodland Park
End of 1st 9 weeks
HS Cross Country @ Woodland Park
HS Golf @ Fall Creek Falls
HS Volleyball v. Whitwell JV 5:00
HS Golf @ Sevierville State Tour.
HS Cross Country @ Woodland Park
HS Golf @ Sewanee
HS Volleyball @ Sectional
HS Golf @ Bear Trace - Harrison Region
HS Volleyball @ Region Tour.
HS Golf @ Fall Creek Falls District Tour.
Senior parent meeting
HS Cross Country @ Sequatchie