Mission Statement

Bledsoe County High School's mission is to develop well-rounded individuals who have a solid educational foundation, a strong sense of self-worth, an understanding of cultural diversity, the desire for success in the work force, and a quest for lifelong learning.

Bledsoe County High Beliefs

All students can learn, achieve and succeed.

Students learn best when they are actively engaged in learning processes that take into account individual differences.

Multiple teaching methods, assessments, and researched based instructional practices assist in meeting the academic needs of our students and the goal of continuous improvement for our school system.

Positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students, faculty, and staff enhance students’ self-esteem and promote an atmosphere conducive to success.

A safe, clean, and physically comfortable environment is a basic right of students, faculty, and staff.

Communication, decision making, and interaction among teachers, administrators, parents, students, and the community encourage shared responsibility for the development of students into assets of society and work cooperatively toward attaining that goal.

The mission, beliefs, and policies of Bledsoe County High School conform to the Bledsoe County Consolidated District Plan.

School History

Bledsoe County High School began in 1910 when the Bledsoe County Court bought from the Board of Trustees of the People’s College its buildings and campus. The high school began with an enrollment of twenty-five students; nineteen of these were from the town of Pikeville. In the spring of 1912, three students completed the requirements for graduation, and in 1913, two students took part in the first commencement of Bledsoe County High School. In 1921, the county replaced the People’s College building, which had stood since 1871. In 1927, this new building, known as the White building, burned. A new and larger building was constructed on the same site and remained the high school where the old Pikeville Elementary gym now stands. In 1949, the enrollment of the high school and the elementary school had outgrown the high school building. As a result, a new elementary school building was constructed across the street. In 1951, the first seven grades moved to the new building. By 1958-59 the high school enrollment had grown to over 450 students, with more than eighty graduates.

In the fall of 1980, the high school was moved to its present location on highway 127, approximately one mile past the city of Pikeville. The present student enrollment averages 550.